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About Us

At AJG Direct we aim to be one of the UK’s fastest growing sales and event marketing companies by systematically increasing the market share of our clients as well as providing high-quality results.

We consider AJG Direct services to be the most cost-effective way for our clients to sell and market their products and services.We assist our clients’ current sales crews or fulfil the function for clients that do not possess such individuals.

At AJG Direct we pride ourselves on the quality of our customer service standards as well as being able to provide highly cost-effective results. We continue to deliver consistent and dependable results through face to face sales at exciting retail events, business to business solicitations and event-based marketing. Understanding our client’s marketplace enables us to determine which of the above techniques to use.

AJG Direct use customer feedback and representative suggestions to ensure our marketing systems are of the highest standard.This ensures customer satisfaction as well as customer retention. We continue to improve the methods we use to make them more unique, more effective and more systematic. We separate ourselves from constant and continuous innovation and client communications.

Due to AJG Direct’s systematic approach to business and client demand, we have been able to expand rapidly during times of economic decline. Our success is also down to our ability to solve problems and create a positive office environment designed to nurture and breed talent.

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