AJG Direct is a leading UK based direct marketing firm, led by managing director Paul Gillett. 10 weeks ago, the company opened up in a new location in Leeds, and has already been making waves, having signed up over 2000 new customers for their clients. This is something that has really impressed their clients, because it is a far higher number of customers than they were expecting AJG Direct to deliver in this time. It can be tempting to promise the Earth when you are trying to win a new client, but when you are not sure whether or not you can deliver what you have promised this can lead to some very rocky and stressful relationships. Here, we see Paul Gillett, managing director of AJG Direct review why he recommends to any business owner to under promise and over deliver:

‘We have found it is way better in terms of our reputation with our customers to make realistic promises of what we can do, and then work as hard as we can to exceed their expectations. When you are trying to win a new client it can be easy to promise them the moon on a stick, but in reality, that relationship can’t last if their expectations are higher than what you can really do. We are confident in what we can achieve at AJG Direct, but we also believe the best way to make our clients happy is to only tell them we can do things we know for sure that we can. We are honest about what we know we can do, and then we go the extra mile to make sure we constantly give them more.’ began Paul Gillett, managing director of AJG Direct.

‘I would suggest to anyone trying to win a contract that this is the best way to begin a new business relationship. People are always happy when you give them more than you told them you could, but if you are constantly struggling to live up to unrealistic promises you made to try and win business you are going to end up in chaos, and as soon as you begin failing to deliver, your clients will stop trusting you.’ he continued.

‘Of course, what you say you can do has to be appealing to win you the business, but if you can’t offer an appealing level of service as a benchmark then you probably don’t have the right capabilities in your business yet. Offer a good but realistic level of results, then go all out to give more – that is what has worked for us.’ Paul Gillett concluded.