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AJG Direct investigate the critical factors to retaining top talent.

With the New Year upon us, many companies will be looking to source a fresh challenge or an opportunity that offers advancement.  …

January 11, 2018

As a new wave of workers enters the market, sales specialists AJG Direct question if businesses are ready to cater for Generation …

January 8, 2018

Mindset and attitude determine success according to AJG Direct.  Urging entrepreneurs to take control, the firm reveals their mind hacks to reverse a …

December 14, 2017
AJG Direct share their secrets to influencing success.

Influencers gather respect and boost leadership capabilities.  AJG Direct are confident influencers will harvest the most success in 2018. 

December 14, 2017

Mentoring many up and coming entrepreneurs has allowed AJG Direct MD Paul Gillett to gather an in-depth knowledge of money potholes for …

December 8, 2017
AJG Direct Highlight Common Networking Faux Pas

Sales and Marketing specialists AJG Direct understand the importance of business networking, but with alarming statistics indicating many of us are getting …

December 1, 2017
AJG Direct: Why consumers are becoming turned off by brands on social media

Modern consumers are becoming disgruntled by intrusive online data capture and are disengaging with brands online.  AJG Direct, a direct marketing specialist, …

November 27, 2017
AJG Direct Release Statement on How they are Tackling Professional ‘Regret’.

After a recent survey uncovered three-quarters of UK professionals have significant regrets about their careers, AJG Direct has spoken out on how …

November 27, 2017