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AJG Direct is a bright and dynamic outsourced sales and marketing firm based in central London. We work with leading UK brands, setting up promotional events in retail venues and public spaces to reach out to new consumers. Our mobile brand ambassadors speak to consumers in person to build a great brand experience, drive sales and secure better relationships between clients and their consumers.

Last year, AJG was the fastest growing direct sales firm in the UK, and this success has increased the demand for our services. To fulfil our clients’ expectations, we need to launch more promotional events than ever before, which means we need to continually grow our company; mobilising events teams throughout the UK.

At AJG Direct, hard work is always rewarded. As well as working on the front line of exciting promotional events, we give candidates the tools to progress quickly within the industry through our training opportunities. These opportunities have been developed so that every person we work with has the chance to take control of their professional future; learning what it takes to start and run a successful sales and marketing business so that they are ready to launch their own venture in less than a year.

Of course, success during this training process is dependent on an individual’s commitment and work ethic. When a person fully applies themselves to the training process, they can create a bright entrepreneurial future in the sales and marketing industry.

At AJG Direct we believe we can all achieve our individual goals by working together and pushing each other to be the best. Our success as a business has a direct impact on the level of success our people can reach, so it’s essential that we all move forward together and motivate each other.

We do this through energetic daily workshops, a target-based work environment, a mentorship scheme and regular national and international business trips for those that show the highest level of commitment to their professional development.

At AJG Direct we reward people based on merit, not the length of time they have been with us. We believe in creating a fair environment for everyone, meaning that hard work is the critical component in progressing from beginner to a leadership level.

It’s important to highlight that AJG Direct is not a pyramid scheme.

A pyramid scheme is so called because it is structured like a pyramid; usually beginning with one person at the top. That individual recruits a second person, who is required to invest a certain amount of money to join, which is paid to the person at the top. To make that money back, the recruit is then tasked with recruiting their own people; each of which will pay the ‘joining fee’ which the recruiter will be able to keep. Each recruit further down the pyramid is tasked with hiring as many people as possible so that they can recoup their own investment and make a profit.

Pyramid schemes often masquerade as a legitimate business, offering low-quality products that are not worth the initial investment fee, this eventually leads to the collapse of the pyramid.

AJG Direct is an outsourced promotional events company. We never ask our people to recruit others, nor do we ever require candidates to pay any sort of fee to join the company. We work on behalf of legitimate, well-loved UK brands, and our accelerated growth is purely to provide our clients with the broadest representation possible.

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