London’s leading sales and event marketing experts, AJG Direct appreciate the highs and lows that are associated with entrepreneurship. In a motivational session held for their contractors, the firm outlined some of the best strategies successful entrepreneurs employ to bounce back from setbacks.

AJG Direct understand that even the world’s most successful entrepreneurs face extreme challenges and setbacks when attempting to achieve their goals. However, the firm feels that this should not act as a deterrent for anyone. Successful entrepreneurs use challenges as a way to triumph over adversity and build up the right kind of mindset to deal with setbacks and trials.

During the workshop, AJG Direct explained why it is particularly important for entrepreneurs in the sales and marketing industry to have the ability to bounce back from setbacks and rise above adversity. The firm highlighted stories of successes and failures of some of the most respected entrepreneurs to inspire the young professionals.

As AJG Direct explain, even when a strategy has been meticulously planned, there is always the chance that it may be disrupted. When that happens, it can become very difficult and easy to become demotivated. But when a person is equipped to handle those situations, it becomes easier to handle professional challenges.

AJG Direct highlighted some tips to help their young professionals handle situations and rise up from setbacks:

Mind the language

Words can have a powerful impact and influence behaviour. As a result, AJG Direct believe that it is important for professionals to speak positively at all times to help them achieve their goals. AJG Direct explained that if someone describes their situation as nightmarish they are more likely to experience that situation that way.

Reassess everything

Taking time to rest, recuperate and reassess one’s thinking can help a person better handle life’s trails with more ease, states AJG Direct.

Problems should not be an identity

Setbacks can shape a person but they should not define a person. Be tough and learn to overcome those times.

Find support through your crowd

The stronger a person’s support network, the better a person can cope with challenges and the faster they can recover.

Choose optimism

Just adopting an optimistic frame of mind can affect one’s thinking for the better even during more difficult times.

“We take a firm stance on making sure that the young professionals we work with, always feel on top of their game and ready to tackle anything, which is why it is so rewarding for us to have these workshops,” said Managing Director of AJG Direct.