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Our Vision

Our vision at AJG Direct is to become the largest direct sales and event marketing company in Europe. Many companies are beginning to invest more of their budget into direct marketing and event marketing as opposed to indirect forms of marketing. The low risk and high return is very unique and can bring results that our clients have never seen before, increasing sales on average of 65%. This form of marketing allows AJG Direct to personalise the interaction between the client and the customer. This form of advertising has been used for many years but over time the industry has evolved to the point where it has been recognised to be the most effective, for both cost and customer acquisition. It is also highly beneficial for the customer.

AJG Direct believe that direct marketing can be used as part of any marketing campaign, whether it is used as the primary form of brand awareness and customer acquisition or just used along side other forms of marketing.

As AJG Direct continue to prosper, we intend to enter many different markets allowing more companies to see the advantages of using our services. AJG Direct intend to work with various companies to create a unique marketing campaigns for companies in various industries. Before doing this, we at AJG Direct must analyse the goals of each company.

We take into consideration the current size of the company and its infrastructure. How many more customers can they manage and still provide a good service? AJG Direct also take into consideration how large the company intends to grow, the different markets they’re looking to enter, their current capital and the size of the investments they are able to secure.

We understand that a companies budget will change depending on the cash flow of the company and the success of their other marketing campaigns.  We believe that there are many industries that have yet to recognise the effectiveness of event marketing and aim to demonstrate the results to companies that have yet to consider this form of marketing as part of their marketing mix.

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