The name you choose for your business is important, as this will be one of the biggest parts of your brand. Deciding on a name that is memorable and also gives an idea of what you stand for can make a big difference. For Paul Gillett, founder and managing director of AJG Direct, a leading UK direct marketing consultancy, the name of his company is something very close to his heart, as he chose to name his firm after his mother, Angela Joan Gillett. Here he talks about why he felt this was the perfect choice of name for his enterprise.

‘Obviously the ‘Direct’ part relates to what we actually do, but the ‘AJG’ is there as my own personal touch. I chose to use my mother’s initials because she had such a powerful influence on me, and I don’t think I would be as well equipped to run this company if it wasn’t for the important lessons she taught me growing up.’ he began. ‘I named the company AJG Direct both as a tribute to her and as a recognition of what her guidance and inspiration has helped me to achieve.’

‘In business, a lot of people underestimate the importance of family, but you tend to find that the people who fare best in business are those who have strong, supportive networks outside of work, as well as within their industries. Having the support of a good family background can make a lot of difference to how well you can cope with the challenges you face almost daily as an entrepreneur, and knowing that there are people who believe in you and care about you can really inspire you to keep pushing on.’ Paul Gillett continued.

By naming his business after his mother, Paul Gillett believes he has not only provided a lasting tribute to her, but has also given himself a constant reminder of the many things he learnt over the years from her. He also believes that having a reference to his family in the name of AJG Direct helps keep good values at the core of his brand.

‘We want our clients and everybody else we associate with to know that we are a company that cares, and holds treating people the right way as one of our main values. I like to think that the name of the company helps to express this as a significant part of our brand.’ he concluded.