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Why Choose Us?

AJG Direct specialise in increasing market share for our clients whilst keeping costs low, therefore increasing profit. We achieve this by developing a nationwide direct sales and event marketing campaign  dedicated to achieving quality results for our clients. Growth and brand awareness is our area of expertise. AJG Direct’s dedicated sales professionals have created a network that allow basic natural abilities to be nurtured and allows them to gain quality information from experienced professionals.

So, why choose AJG Direct?

AJG Direct embrace our clients culture and we feel it is imperative to find out exactly what the client wants from the campaign. Before beginning a campaign we feel is important that we discuss their current marketing campaigns, their budget, the time frame and any constraints or concerns. We provide product training to our independent sales professionals to ensure that they are represented with a professional and courteous manner at all times in order to be an ambassador for the client and to protect the reputation of our clients.

Our attention to detail and systematic approach has allowed us to be one of the most dominant companies in event marketing. AJG Direct’s high standards and unique marketing systems have enabled us to attract some of the most recognised brands within many different industries. We represent clients in a way that motivates them to work with us, by creating a strong relationship with our clients we can get a much deeper insight into the goals and visions of the company which allows us to create a service that is perfect for their company. We also understand that creating an equally great relationship with customers will increase the likeliness of the customer becoming loyal to our clients’ company and will no doubt attract more customers for our clients. It will also remove the chances of customers developing buyers remorse and feeling as if the company only cares about one thing…money.

By creating a strong and quality relationship with each and every customer we are able to ensure that every person that comes into contact with AJG Direct is completely satisfied with the product or service that they have purchased.

AJG Direct have become experts in communication and relationship building which are fundamental to any business transaction, whether it be with the client or their customers. By understanding what both the clients and customer want and need it makes it extremely easy to provide them both with an equally good quality service. We value each and every person that we come into contact with and do our best to understand their feelings. The quality of the relationships that we create will improve the image of our clients and will shine light on the companies brand. AJG Direct’s honest and integral approach to business with adherence to the highest ethical standards, as well as providing a personalised and cost effective service directly to our clients’ customers, allow us to be proud of our work. This also creates a positive and fun environment for all of our team.

AJG Direct| Why Choose Us?