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Why Outsource?

Why outsource to AJG Direct? Let us tell you…

To effectively expand, a company must obtain financial investment, trained professionals and research target markets. By outsourcing their sales and marketing, companies can focus their time and efforts on improving other areas of their business such as their products and services. This saves them time and money. By using AJG Direct they have the reassurance of knowing their sales and marketing campaign is in safe hands and will be highly effective. Our customer acquisition programme is tailor made to individual requirements. Not only do the clients benefit from saving time and money, using AJG Direct, is virtually risk free and far more effective. Each client has a dedicated campaign manager that is motivated to increase the market share of our clients as well as ensure quality customers.

Using AJG Direct will rapidly increase your market share in a way that is measurable. The speed in which we are able to provide customers to our clients is second to none. The results are virtually unseen in any other form of marketing and almost definitely for the low cost of our service. With no initial investment a company is able to begin receiving customers immediately and our clients are only charged for results. This means that if they do not get the results that they were hoping for, they do not spend the money that they were planning to. AJG Direct’s rates are based on results, this is what makes our service so cost effective and separates us from other marketing channels.

We do not charge our clients for our consultations, we charge purely for results. “No win, No fee.” This allows our clients to be at ease with us and keeps our relationships strong. Everything that we do at AJG Direct is aimed at improving the companies we work with, whether it be by making them more profitable or providing more customer satisfaction, either way the aim of our company to allow our clients to place their attention on improving other aspects of their business.

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