At AJG Direct we aim to be one of the UK’s fastest growing promotional events companies by systematically increasing the market share of our clients as well as providing high quality results.

We continue to deliver consistent and dependable results through organising and executing private site promotional events in which our sales teams can conduct face to face sales and promotional processes on behalf of our clients.

We represent clients in financial, telecoms, non-profit, beauty, security, entertainment, sports and media industries, providing them with both niche and mass market penetration. There are many ways for a company to create brand awareness but we understand the importance of using an effective marketing mix to ensure maximum exposure to the target market as well as increasing the customer base. We not only provide an informative and personal approach we also use facts and figures to adjust sales tactics to ensure that the most systematic, unique and effective methods are used to achieve optimum results.

We continue to improve the methods we use to make them more unique, more effective and more systematic. We separate ourselves through constant and continuous innovation and client communications.

Due to AJG Direct’s systematic approach to business and client demand we have been able to expand rapidly during times of economic decline. Our success is also down to our ability to solve problems and creating a positive office environment designed to nurture and breed talent.




Bespoke Solutions

Here at AJG Direct we plan, develop and test bespoke and cost-effective promotional events campaigns, providing you with measurable results and unbeatable solutions.

Brand Awareness

Through face to face interaction, our ever-expanding team of brand ambassadors will create long-lasting relationships with customers improving loyalty to your brand and services.

Customer Acquisition

Here at AJG Direct we are proud to guarantee an increase in your customer acquisition within two weeks of launching a new sales and promotional event campaign.


The Philosophy of AJG Direct


Whenever you start a new job or enter a new industry it’s essential that before you sign-up to the job, you understand the company that you’re going to work with. In order to be successful (no matter the role) you need to share the values of the team your working with and understand the bigger picture of the business you’re working with.

I wrote this article to share with you the core philosophy of AJG Direct in order to save you time. If you’re thinking about applying to work with us or are interested in understanding how I run AJG Direct, read on to discover if you’d be a good fit.

If the core philosophy of AJG Direct isn’t something that you’re interested in, that’s fine too. We can still be friends, but I would suggest working for a different business. However, if you’re ambitious, competitive, and want to be part of team that will revolutionise the way you look at the world, I can’t wait to share my businesses three core philosophies.

#01: Grab the Bull by the Horns

After a life-changing trip with my team to New York City, I changed the logo to the one we have to this day; a bull.

There’s a famous sculpture of a bull on Wall Street that represents two things:

  • The Spirit of Entrepreneurship
  • Financial Optimism

Now, to clear things up, working with AJG Direct will demand a lot from you. You need to have the spirit of entrepreneurship burning inside you if you want to work with us. To me, the spirit of entrepreneurship is the drive and grit to continually and unashamedly make mistakes, learn from them, and try again.

The spirit of entrepreneurship is the need inside of yourself to reach the top of your field and continually strive to become better at your chosen profession. AJG Direct is built on me and my team constantly setting bigger and better goals for ourselves and smashing them.

Thankfully, the rewards are great and here’s where the financial optimism comes into play. However, what the financial optimism of the bull represents to me isn’t the monetary rewards (although those are great), it’s the opportunity: the opportunity to build a skill set that will enable you to work wherever you want in the world, the opportunity to be a superstar in any industry that you work in, the opportunity to provide the best possible life for your family.

It’s theses limitless opportunities that I’ve built AJG on… but these opportunities come at a cost which leads us on to the second core philosophy of AJG.

#02: Be the best, or there’s no point

At AJG Direct we’ve flipped the marketing model on its head. Most of our clients throw millions of pounds on ineffective marketing campaigns that don’t get results, we base everything on getting results and enable our clients to minimise their marketing budget and maximise how many new customers they get (check out “Why Our Clients Use AJG Direct” for exactly how we accomplish this).

We compete with huge marketing firms that have all the branding, industry pull, and swagger. In order to compete with these firms, we need to be the best.

What’s the point in trying to be anything else?

No matter what you set your mind to, there needs to be a burning desire within you to become one of the best in that field. Even if you’re just cooking at home, are you asking yourself these questions:

  • What am I doing right?
  • What could I be doing better?
  • What mistakes have I made and how do I solve them for next time?

By consistently asking these questions, my team has been able to work with some huge brands. Similarly, by sharing and mentoring each other, they’ve managed to grow and excel far faster than they could by themselves.

We’ve incorporated this into the way the whole business operates:

  • All promotions are performance-based (so you can overtake people that have been there longer than you)
  • Everything is black or white (so there’s no politics)
  • We only promote internally (so the A-players are rewarded)

Success is a habit, not an outcome.

#03: Become an Industry Standard

Uber has completely changed the face of urban transportation. Now instead of people saying, “Let’s get a taxi,” we say, “Let’s get an Uber”. Uber offers such a great service that they’ve managed to evolve the words we use to describe getting a taxi somewhere.

This is the level me and my team are aiming to get to.

The end goal of AJG Direct is to consistently deliver results so impressive that we become the industry standard for marketing and lead generation.

If you want to be part of this journey, and the philosophy of me and my team resonate with you. Give the office a call on 0203 5812790 and we’ll have a chat.


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