AJG Direct Announce Findings in Mobile and Online Banking Favourability

August 21, 2015
August 21, 2015 admin

All too many consumers in today’s busy world must rely upon technology in order to get everything done. The days in which consumers, shoppers and clients could afford to spend the time hopping from one physical establishment to another in order to take care of finances, bills and other issues is no longer a reality. This has created the conditions in which more and more people have to rely upon technology for that added boost of efficiency to handle all of life’s daily tasks. AJG Direct announced findings to its clients recently on the prevalence of online and mobile banking, and how this trend may impact clients’ overall marketing strategies.

Despite the fact that most activities have been taken over by the mobile craze, the act of banking still remains slightly favoured through traditional online sources. AJG Direct’s Managing Director Paul Gillett reported that roughly four in ten people prefer to use online banking, as opposed to three in ten who prefer mobile banking solutions. “This trend is strong and we do expect a plurality of users to be in favour of mobile banking at some point in the near future”, he said. “What makes traditional online banking favoured by more at this point likely relates to the need for a complex series of available functions and actions that just aren’t yet feasible on mobile devices”, he elaborated.

Banking and financial institutions report a surge in online and mobile banking usage, in large part due to the effects that technology has had on the need for autonomy. Users of technological products and services no longer have the need to rely upon other human beings for a variety of services, making person-to-person interaction inefficient and obsolete in many areas. AJG Direct has provided its clients with a detailed assessment of this situation in order to outline how such disruptive trends might impact their bottom lines in the coming years.

Inevitably, the effects that mobile and online financial services will have on the broader market remain to be seen. It will, however, be a disruptive force much like every element of technology. AJG Direct and other top-tier marketing agencies remain dedicated to their clients and the need to analyse the changing financial currents in order to ensure winning strategies remain a part of their arsenals. Brands that wish to be in this position would be well-advised to enlist the services of a qualified marketing agency that can assist in all endeavours.


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