AJG Direct Announce a Successful Start in Leeds

May 29, 2014
May 29, 2014 admin

Starting a business is often a brave move, but when carried out with the right planning and a strong strategy, it can be a very exciting and positive thing. Direct marketing specialists AJG Direct have recently opened up in Leeds, and are already seeing great results, with their clients reporting that they are giving them the highest averages in the country. Managing director Paul Gillett comes from a strong marketing background in London, and here, he discusses some of the reasons why he believes the first months in business for AJG Direct have been so positive:

‘One of the very basic things we have relied on is a strong work ethic within our office. Building a new businesses and getting it to perform at its best is not something that happens by magic, and everyone was aware from the start that it was going to require a lot of hard work over a sustained period. We made sure we had the right people on board to put in everything it took to hit the ground running and make AJG Direct an attractive company for our clients to work with from the very start.’ Paul Gillett began.

‘We also have a very targeted strategy. We specialise in working with clients in the telecommunications sector, something I have a lot of experience with, so we were looking at a market we truly understand. It is vital to be able to talk to clients in their own terms and to know what really works and doesn’t work in their industry, and this is something we are able to offer by specialising in this field rather than aiming to provide the kind of solutions we do to a massively diverse range of businesses.’

‘There was also a lot of planning before we opened our doors here in Leeds. We wanted to make sure we knew exactly what we were doing and what our initial objectives were going to be. We needed to establish our culture and our identity as a company so we could drive things in the right direction in these early days.’ he continued.

‘So far, we are really delighted with how things are going and we feel like our hard work to date has paid off. But this, if anything, means we have to work even harder. We certainly won’t be taking our foot off of the accelerator at any point. We will be looking to grow what we have and keep on providing our clients with the best possible solutions.’


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