AJG Direct celebrate making the top 10 most desirable jobs list in the UK

February 7, 2018
February 7, 2018 admin
LinkedIn blogger Lydia Abbot included AJG Direct in her top 10 list of the most desirable UK jobs in a recent blog post, the firm celebrate and share how others can replicate their success.

Sales and marketing experts AJG Direct were pleased to find out their recruitment advertising efforts made the charts this week. CEO Paul Gillett opened his inbox to share the news his light, and engaging job post rocked in at number seven in the top ten most irresistible job postings in the UK.
Paul Gillett reveals his secrets to appealing to a broader audience and catching the job seekers eye;
Make the role irresistible: When a position offers an opportunity to remove the mundaneness that usually comes from the working day, share it. Explain why the opportunity is unique and spark an interest from the outside world.
Bring in humour where you can: This is what allowed AJG Direct to secure the views, titled Worst Graduate Job Ever Don’t bother” the title may not be searchable. However, 99 percent of people who are exposed will feel the urge to find out more. The firm cleverly sparked an interest then followed suit with their introduction to promote their unique opportunity; wanting to attract graduates with a sense of humour, AJG Direct felt it was important to appeal to the right audience when filling their graduate position.
Build up a strong employer brand: With large household brands having leverage over developing companies it is crucial for growing businesses such as AJG Direct to let jobseekers in on the personality and culture of the brand from the word go. Jobseekers these days are looking to establish a career with firms which match their core values, for developing companies, the job advertisement may be their first chance to make an impression, Paul Gillett urges businesses to make a notable impact to secure top talent in the industry.
AJG Direct pride themselves in their company culture, investing heavily in talent development Paul Gillett has achieved great success in the competitive sales and marketing industry already. His commitment to success is visible to all who meet him, a frequent educator at seminars and conferences he is often called upon to share his advice with up and coming talent by industry experts. Working with the fast-growing firm would be an excellent opportunity for entrepreneurs of any experience level.


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