AJG Direct CEO reveals how they boosted performance after introducing six simple steps

March 15, 2018
March 15, 2018 admin

With an avid interest in competitive sports, AJG Direct CEO Paul Gillett understands the importance of streamlining processes to heighten performance. 

In a recent interview with Mr Gillett, the high performing business owner was asked, why he concentrates his recruitment strategy around attracting sports-minded people.  His response identified the need to coach and be coachable to advance and perform at the highest level.  Referring frequently to external sources to inspire and educate his contractors, Mr Gillett used the workshop to teach new ideas from bestselling author and pioneer for education Brendon Burchard.  The workshop brought to life online studies and personal business experience to identify how to increase success and fulfilment throughout the journey

AJG Direct share Brendan Burchard’s advice on achieving fulfilment on the route to success:

  1. Seek clarity. Being familiar with the company or business goals allows high performers to address tasks which yield the highest return quickly. By focusing efforts on such tasks, they naturally avoid distractions and boost success rate.
  1. Generate energy. Unsurprisingly the average person loses enthusiasm as the day progresses.  High achievers can recharge their energy levels periodically through, meditation, quick breaks or short psychological breaks which allow tension and focus to be dropped, allowing the mind to re-centre on the new tasks ahead.
  1. Raise necessity. By publicly voicing goals there comes a responsibility to preserve a personal brand, this can boost productivity through aligned focus and a desire not to fail on a virtual platform.
  1. Increase productivity. By working smarter, a top performer can address tasks which add the most value and focus their energy there.
  1. Develop influence. Becoming an influencer is a result of positively enhancing experience or performance of another. Adding value through education of others will offer leverage as an influencer.
  1. Demonstrate courage. Personal and professional growth can only occur in the face of failure by embracing struggles and choosing to learn and share the positive element of failing is a trait of a successful person.

AJG Direct is a leading event marketing company based in London. The firm is passionate about facilitating the growth of businesses in the city and work tirelessly to penetrate new locations with their in-person marketing strategies, aiming to build their client’s brand and consumer base.


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