AJG Direct Director Talks About Bald Head Island R&R

September 23, 2015
September 23, 2015 admin

What could be better than spending a little time fishing, golfing, playing tennis and eating at some of the best restaurants in the USA? Recently AJG Direct sent director Paul Gillett to Bald Head Island in North Carolina for an industry R&R.

Paul Gillett says that marketing is a fast paced industry and during the normal course of a work week there is really very little time to sit back and relax. This is the lifestyle of the leading entrepreneurs, so when it comes to networking with some industry greats whilst also taking time away from life in the fast lane, “Really, nothing could be better,” he says.

Paul feels that this is the best time to catch up on industry news because everyone is relaxed and willing to share their insights. “I find that sitting in a relaxed setting makes dialogue so much easier. I absolutely love workshops and R&R where I can mingle with the best of the best. It is exciting hearing about what others in the business have been doing and sharing some of my own triumphs at the same time. ”

Actually, it has been proven that networking R&R’s like this are more productive than a series of lectures. A study conducted by the California Institute of Technology in 2010 showed that a relaxed brain is able to remember much better than a brain that is under stress. What the study indicated is that there is a very particular time, a very particular brain state, in which memorisation takes place. When attending a workshop with loads of fun activities that aren’t exactly work-related, attendees can actually internalise so much more than if they sat in conference rooms all day long for the three day period.

“I know that I learn better when my mind isn’t on a million other things but that isn’t the best part of the weekend. Yes, there were talks about ‘current affairs’ in marketing around the globe and yes, there were new insights presented by some phenomenal speakers. However, I have to say that time away simply to do nothing other than fish or knock a ball around the green was truly the highlight of my weekend.”

Having been re-charged, AJG Direct anticipates a great quarter ahead for Paul and his office. After all, who would not be invigorated by the beauty of Bald Head Island in North Carolina? AJG Direct welcomes Paul back from his conference and is eagerly anticipating what he has to share.


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