AJG Direct Discuss the Importance of Innovation in Business Success

July 16, 2015
July 16, 2015 admin

Within recent years the outlook for many businesses had been grim but within just the past 12 months the economy has done an amazing turnaround and businesses are more optimistic than they have been since the early 1960’s.  However, AJG Direct will be the first to advise them that the key to business success lies not solely in optimism but a through a strong and focused emphasis on innovation.

Managing director of AJG Direct, Paul Gillett, notes that cycles in product development have been significantly reduced from previous expectancies of a few years to every few months. “This is largely due to rapid advances in technology such as the refinement of 3D printing and in order to stay a cut ahead of the competition it is necessary to have a focused strategy on innovation,” Paul says.

As a direct marketing firm that works with literally tens of thousands of consumers each and every week through face-to-face live marketing events, AJG Direct is privy to the latest advances in technology. They represent clients in every industry and are seeing that new and innovative products are surfacing “at breakneck speeds, it seems like almost by the day,” Paul remarks.

According to a report released by KPMG, business owners in the UK expect taxes to remain lower and only 2% of those surveyed stated that they feel there will be any major issues stemming from taxes within the coming couple of years. With lower taxes and higher revenues, AJG Direct urges UK businesses to heavily invest in innovations within their industry if they want to stay competitive.

“We pride ourselves on being an elite and ultra-highly successful sales office  but we can only do so much with products that are outdated and outmoded. Our clients know our passion for growing their bottom line as we have proven time and time again that we can outsell our competition by a country mile. When we make a suggestion for greater ROI or product improvements that will appeal to the majority of customers, they take us quite seriously.”

Innovation is the key to rapid growth but one of the problems which many businesses face is in finding the workers to produce the products they are developing. Paul explains that to meet the demand for qualified workers, many companies are re-establishing long-forgotten apprenticeship programmes whilst others are looking to invest in training (and advancing) from within – the split being approximately 50/50.

AJG Direct has gained a reputation for being a phenomenally successful marketing firm. With a passion for customer acquisition and retention, they know how to capture ever-increasing market shares and this advice is just one small example of their solid grasp of what it takes to survive and grow in a highly competitive marketplace.


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