AJG Direct: Don’t get too comfortable

March 1, 2018
March 1, 2018 admin

AJG Direct are standing firm on their viewpoint that change is necessary for development.  A spokesperson for the firm reveals all in a recent interview.

As an entrepreneur, there needs to be a constant focus on personal development. The drive to beat the competition and offer the best products or services is an immovable trait of a natural born businessperson. There is a real danger of staying in the same position reveals the firm, becoming stagnant allow the competition to gather advantage and potentially secure customers or new markets.

Grant Cardone, a hugely successful entrepreneur often shares his story on how he keeps himself fresh.  Frequently he will uproot his family and move cities. He cites this as the primary factor in maintaining his success, by learning about new cultures, markets, and testing comfort zones the serial entrepreneur can ensure he doesn’t become stagnant in his thoughts or actions.

AJG Direct regularly test new markets to encourage new networks to be built and offer their clients a more diverse customer base. The developing teams can benefit from the satellite setups as they can hone their leadership skills and boost engagement within teams of contractors.  The culture-rich firm shuffles the ground force to ensure equal opportunities to develop or learn are available for everyone.

2018 will see the firm extend their reach into new markets allowing better learning opportunities, new clients, new strategies and fresh challenges for the firm.

AJG Direct are confident their new ventures will succeed, the company offers unique solutions tailored to both client and target market.  Improving customer experience and brand image is the top priority for the firm, developing campaigns that communicate their client’s vision in an interactive and personalised manner has seen the firm build a robust database of happy customers, and has created demand for their services worldwide.

AJG Direct is an outsourced sales and marketing firm with market reach spreading across the UK The firm specialises in a personalised form of direct marketing which allows them to connect with their clients’ ideal consumers via face-to-face marketing techniques. This one-to-one interaction with customers helps to drive long-lasting and personal business relationships between brand and consumer. In turn, this often leads to increased customer acquisition, brand awareness and brand loyalty for their clients.




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