AJG Direct Examine Important Entrepreneurial Insights

October 20, 2015
October 20, 2015 admin

Every entrepreneur wants to succeed but their ambitions may vary. Some look forward to achieving great wealth whilst others seek to do something amazing for the good of society. However, no matter what their chief ambition is, there are important insights that every entrepreneur encounters at some point on his or her journey. AJG Direct examine those important entrepreneurial insights in an effort to help make the journey a bit smoother for those just starting out.

Paul Gillett, director of AJG Direct, says that “One of the biggest insights that every entrepreneur arrives at is the fact that decisions need to be made. It may be easier to avoid making them, or to put them off for a later date, but that can be a huge error in judgement. Procrastination slows down progress so entrepreneurs learn early on that it is better to simply make a decision and then act on it.”

He also states that the second-most important insight that every entrepreneur eventually arrives at is in learning not to fear making mistakes. Quite often the reason an entrepreneur fears making a decision is due to the fear of making a mistake. “You will make mistakes, that is a given. You are human after all. The key is to learn not to fear them,” he says. Most mistakes are not as bad as you think and can often be fixed. If not, you can always go back to the drawing board. In other words, according to Paul, there are few mistakes you can make that can’t be fixed and if you make the ‘big one’ you can usually just start over again!

Most entrepreneurs have started over more times than they can count but having this insight is an invaluable lesson. It all ties into a fear of risk. If you look at all the most successful entrepreneurs you will learn that they risked the most. Many quit their jobs without knowing how they will survive. They took a leap of faith. The insight that risk comes along with the territory is huge to a budding entrepreneur and one that every successful entrepreneur soon learns.

Perhaps the hardest insight to digest is the fact that you don’t know everything. The most successful entrepreneurs are the ones who admit there are others smarter or more experienced than themselves. These are the ones who sought out ‘experts’ to round out the office, propelling them almost instantly towards success. Paul says that just because you gain an insight doesn’t mean you are going to internalise it.

AJG Direct know that you can ‘see’ something in your mind but unless you are willing to ‘feel’ it, you will never act on it. “That’s the key right there in a nutshell,” Paul explains. “Learn to go with your gut level feelings and ignore what your mind is telling you. The successful entrepreneur is one who learns to trust instinct.” And, with the huge amount of success Paul and AJG Direct have seen, it is obvious that this is one instinct they internalised.


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