AJG Direct Examine the Basics of Brand Love

September 10, 2015
September 10, 2015 admin

Many different emotions can flow across the mind of a shopper or consumer when perusing the aisles at the local supermarket or digging through search results online. These emotions help determine what people are and are not drawn to with respect to shopping decisions, which is why so many brands make large investments into various marketing efforts. The ability to create brand loyalty is crucial to overall marketing success, but the term “brand loyalty” may not be the best way to describe the ideal end-result for brands when it comes to the impressions that shoppers have. Here, AJG Direct examine why “brand love” should be the overall goal for any brand or business.

Brand loyalty is a common term in the world of marketing, but it is not necessarily the overall goal for marketers or brands. The Director of AJG Direct, Paul Gillett, explained this little-known phenomenon. “Brand loyalty is often confused with what some call ‘brand love’, which is the inevitable goal of any marketer. In a world in which so many people proclaim that they ‘love’ this or don’t love that, the end-all, be-all aim for people like us is to associate that sense of love with the brands we represent”, he was quoted as saying.

Brand love constitutes much more than mere repeat business or engagement. For brands that successfully tap into the concept of “love” with their shoppers and subscribers, the ability to unlock additional marketing objectives becomes possible. For instance, brand love creates conditions in which “super-followers” on social media will proactively share brand content across one or multiple mediums, alerting their followers and friends. In addition, brand emails and announcements for events can be more easily spread across various audiences when brand love exists, even among just a sliver of the targeted audience, according to AJG Direct.

Inevitably, brand love can be generated through solid marketing efforts that combine the tenets of brand loyalty with a personality imbued into the brand. Once brand love becomes present in the minds of a shopper or customer, it is easier both to continue generating repeat business and engagements, and to generate additional attention for brands via the individuals’ actions. As more brands and businesses continue to seek ways in which to amplify existing marketing efforts, notable firms and agencies such as AJG Direct will continue to advise them on methods that deliver such results.


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