Sales and marketing firm, AJG Direct have spoken out about their recent growth, which has led to a number of great achievements for the firm.

London-based sales and marketing company, AJG Direct are leading the way in the outsourced sales and marketing industry due to their drastic business growth in 2016. The firm have recently has seen seven individuals develop strong leadership skills and another individual demonstrate excellent business skills in the last 7 weeks.


The recent business growth for AJG Direct has resulted in better brand recognition. In turn this has led to building business value for customers and clients and provided the ability to offer a wider range of products and services to a larger geographical target market. The business expansion of AJG Direct is driven by an increasing demand from the firm’s clients to grow; this is because expansion of AJG Direct will mean that they can target more markets and acquire more customers, whilst at the same time grow a brand that is recognised by a larger customer base.


The rapid growth experienced by AJG Direct has been due to various smart business strategies and innovative ideas used by the entrepreneurial Managing Director, Paul Gillett. Firstly, the MD is excellent when it comes to identifying surges or shifts in consumer behaviour and is able to adapt quickly to these changes in the market. It is important to identify these changes quickly and correctly so that the business is able to adapt to them properly and effectively. Paul Gillett of AJG Direct is very efficient at being able to take advantage of changing market conditions in order to achieve rapid growth for their clients and their customers.


AJG Direct is one of the UK’s fastest growing direct sales and event marketing firms, offering brands effective solutions to increase market awareness and boost sales. Through face-to-face presentations and promotions the firm offer their clients’ prospects a highly personalised experience, tailoring their services to meet individual needs. This approach improves customer relationships, which allows their clients to gain a positive market reputation and an increase in brand loyalty.


2016 will continue to be a very exciting time for AJG Direct because the firm is experiencing a massive growth mid-year. The firm’s Managing Director Paul Gillett is able to grow the firm so much because he plans to keep pushing the firm and growing it through continuous business development, expansion plans and recruitment drives on the horizon.