AJG Direct Expose the Secret to Being a Successful Entrepreneur

June 23, 2015
June 23, 2015 admin

Although there is no secret to being an entrepreneur, there does seem to be those oft-hidden qualities that differentiate a successful entrepreneur from your run-of-the-mill businessperson. AJG Direct is a direct marketing firm that understands success, having earned their fair share of the market with innovative entrepreneurial skills. Here, Paul Gillet, director of AJG Direct exposes the ‘secret’ to being a successful entrepreneur.

“The first aspect of what it takes to be an entrepreneur is one that everyone understands. An entrepreneur is a self-motivated individual who finds solutions to problems. One of the leading reasons why so many people venture out into the world of the self-employed is because they found problems in the industry where they were working but had no ultimate authority to address the situation. In order to provide a better way of doing things for consumers, they ventured out on their own. This basic entrepreneurial quality is well known and well understood,” says Paul.

However, a highly successful entrepreneur doesn’t let it stop there. He or she is constantly striving to seek other problems to address. Why stop at being good if you can be great and why let your end-game be greatness when you can reign supreme? That’s one of the often misunderstood qualities of super-successful entrepreneurs. They don’t stop growing just because they had a run of success. A successful entrepreneur never reaches the ‘pinnacle’ of his or her career because there is always another mountain to climb up ahead. Upon reaching that summit they tackle the higher one farther down the range and so it continues.

“You also need to be willing to invest in yourself. If you have a dream, follow it,” Paul remarks. “You need to have faith in yourself before you can expect others to buy into your dream and that often means putting your money where your mouth is. Consumers are savvier than you think and if you are unwilling to invest in your own endeavours, they will quickly tire of listening to you and move on to the next product or service.”

Consider the number of entrepreneurs who sacrificed everything they owned to finance a company based on their certainty that they were onto something big. If you take the time to research many of the leading mega-corporations in existence today, you will see that most of them began with a dream and a person or group of people who believed in that dream.

AJG Direct also understands that there may be times when the idea was right but the times were wrong. Paul says, “Just because you had a setback doesn’t mean you need to give up your dream. Step back, refocus and look at what was lacking. Was it in design or in market response? The one secret to being a successful entrepreneur which many people are unwilling to accept is that they may need to pick up the pieces of a failed attempt and start over as many times as needed.”

A successful entrepreneur believes in his/her vision and will endure to the end. That is the true sign of an entrepreneur and one that sets you apart from the crowd. The secret is really just that simple – believe in yourself.


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