AJG Direct highlight the importance of building face-to-face professional networks

June 21, 2018
June 21, 2018 admin

Earlier this week, the London-based sales and direct marketing firm AJG Direct, held a workshop, which detailed the importance of developing a strong and dependable network to succeed.  As a successful business, AJG Direct is all too aware of the benefits of building a stable network of ambitious and driven professionals. The firm regularly invests their time in supporting and encouraging young professionals in the construction of their support networks.

AJG Direct offer a broad range of national and international networking opportunities, training, mentoring and development workshops to equip individuals with the necessary tools to succeed. The firm is also keen to make professionals aware of the benefits of attending face-to-face networking events and how being surrounded by like-minded individuals can motivate people to achieve their goals.

AJG Direct have built their successful business model on the benefits of face-to-face direct marketing and believe that face-to-face networking can provide a higher chance of building stronger professional relationships. A study curated by Virgin Media discovered that 95% of professionals feel that face-to-face meetings and networking events are essential for developing long-term business relationships.

AJG Direct believe that these statistics not only highlight the importance of professional networking but also feel that this supports their face-to-face approach to marketing, which they believe is the key to building long-lasting relationships with consumers.

A spokesperson for AJG Direct said “In this digital age, many people are mistaken in thinking that success comes through informal digital interactions. Technology will never be able to replace the value in developing meaningful face-to-face relationships, and this can be proved with the success of AJG Direct.”

AJG Direct is one of the UK’s fastest growing sales and event marketing firms that specialise in increasing the market share of their clients by delivering exceptional customer service. By offering cost effective marketing solutions, AJG Direct takes pride in their ability to ensure consumer satisfaction and increasing the brand awareness of their clients.


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