It only takes seconds for an individual to make an impression on others, however, how do they ensure this impression is a good one? Paul Gillett from AJG Direct speaks out on how to stand out for all the right reasons.

As one of the UK’s fastest growing sales and event marketing companies, whose business model relies on engaging face-to-face interactions, AJG Direct are all too aware of the importance of making an excellent first impression.

During a recent seminar, AJG Direct stated that it is within the first few seconds that individuals form opinions of others as soon as they meet them. It is at that moment that they decide the way the conversation will go, therefore if a person fails to leave a good impression the conversation will not be engaging, interesting or compelling.

Based in London, AJG Direct is a sales and marketing firm that offer cost effective direct marketing solutions for the brands they represent. Through face-to-face communications at their events the firm aim to maximise their client’s exposure, brand awareness and customer base.

Due to the firm’s highly interactive business model, they are constantly aiming to leave consumers feeling more positive than before and believe that their success lies in building lasting relationships and meaningful connections between their clients and their consumers.

In the seminar, the firm shared their top tips for making first impressions count and are now urging professional to forge ahead and make positive first impressions. In addition to being well mannered and attentive, adopting an open, friendly and confident demeanour, AJG Direct believe that it is imperative for individuals to present themselves in a positive and appropriate manner.

The firm went on to explain that when meeting individuals for the first time, physical appearance counts significantly as it is in many cases the first thing people experience before they even decide to initiate a conversation.

AJG Direct actively encourage aspiring entrepreneurs always to present themselves in a presentable and professional manner as this not only ensures that they make an outstanding first impression but also helps them feel more calm and confident, which all aids the likelihood of them achieving their daily goals.