AJG Direct investigate the critical factors to retaining top talent

January 11, 2018
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January 11, 2018 admin

With the New Year upon us, many companies will be looking to source a fresh challenge or an opportunity that offers advancement.  Marketing specialists AJG Direct reveal their secrets to maintaining their top talent. 

AJG Direct is an established and growing firm looking to boost their market share in 2018; they are committed to maintaining their competitive and encouraging culture as they expand.  The company has managed to develop quickly and guarantee results due to the inner core values of the contractors.  As a frequent guest speaker at industry events, AJG Direct’s Managing Director, is often called to share his secrets on locking in crucial team members and attracting up and coming talent. 


During a recent interview Mr Gillett shared his top tips on how his organisation retains their top performers: 


1) Provide the necessary training –  Committed to continual learning the firm offers free workshops structured around skills needed to advance within the industry and boost knowledge. 


2) No seniority – By providing advancement on merit, motivation is enhanced, allowing those who have a genuine interest to take control of their professional development. 


3) Be the Hardest Worker – Joining the frontline enables the CEO to demonstrate success, making it easier for everyone to manage expectations and replicate actions, regardless of the business model. 


4) Invest in them – A good leader is in tune with their team, demonstrating appreciation through training, team nights and bonuses. 


5) Promote your own goals and how they will have a positive impact on the team – People like to know the direction in which their efforts are taking them.  Professionals tend to also value transparency it comes to communicating how their actions contributed to a positive outcome.   


6) Demonstrate Passion/Desire/Fire – Influencers can use their passion to drive results for others, compelling demonstration of commitment can boost accountability and productivity in others. 


8) Always have a positive attitude – where possible share success stories of tackling obstacles head-on, share strategies for sourcing solutions. 


9) Be the problem solver – Inspire creativity and assist during times where answers aren’t being easily sourced, lead from the front to boost rapport throughout the organisation. 


10) Ensure team relationships are positive – Promoting successes and raising individual images makes for a better culture surrounding success and mutual respect. 


AJG Direct are confident in their ability to retain and attract top talent, with many projects in the pipeline this year there will be opportunities in abundance for the firm to offer event marketing solutions to some of the UK’s most prominent brands.  


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