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As a new wave of workers enters the market, sales specialists AJG Direct question if businesses are ready to cater for Generation Z. 

Ranging from birth years 1995 to 2012, the oldest is preparing for the big world of work. Many businesses are questioning what the new wave of workers bring to the market.  

Keen to attract the top talent AJG Direct have studied what is known about Generation Z in a bid to attract and maintain those with the most significant potential to succeed in the industry.  Dubbed Millennials on steroids, Generation Z is destined to change the business world as they bring their diversity and creativity in abundance.  

AJG Direct reveals the top considerations businesses need to evaluate as they attract fresh young talent: 

Technology has shaped their daily lives and their worldview. 

Each generation has three primary influencers that should be considered for every business, age, societal norms and technology.   

For Generation Z they live in a world where the internet is vital and has always been present. They use social media differently than the millennials who popularised it – Public visibility and reputation damage are dominant in

Generation Z eclipses all other generations when it comes to embracing diversity. They lead the way for diverse friendship groups, nearly abolishing race gaps and differences in sexual orientation. 

They’ve been given much more leeway than previous generations – As shifts in parenting powers have been introduced, more independent and rebellious individuals have been produced. Generation Z are less likely to be controlled and have strong-willed personalities that will look to achieve personal goals. 

There’s a fundamental way in which Gen Z differs from millennials:  

Optimism – Generation Z are faced with a changing economy, shifts in government styles and they lack optimism for the future with nearly half reportedly concerned for the way the world is being run.   

AJG Direct is confident that Generation Z will change the way businesses work and a shift in social values will create a diverse and socially ethical market. 

AJG Direct represent clients in financial, telecoms, non-profit, beauty, security, entertainment, sports and media industries, providing them with both niche and mass market penetration.  

There are many ways for a company to create brand awareness, but the firm understands the importance of using an active marketing mix to ensure maximum exposure to the target market as well as increasing the customer base. They not only provide an informative and personal approach they also use facts and figures to adjust sales tactics to ensure that the most systematic, unique and compelling methods are used to achieve optimum results. 


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