AJG Direct jumps on the video advertising train in a bid to revolutionise their recruitment strategy

July 14, 2018
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July 14, 2018 admin

Fast growing marketing firm AJG Direct launches their video advertising campaign next week after taking inspiration from some of YouTube’s biggest stars.

Released consumer data highlights the dominance of online video in 2018. Committed to keeping abreast of trends, AJG Direct have invested heavily in video advertising throughout June to ensure they have maximum exposure throughout their summer campaign. LinkedIn also released statements on the power of video advertising in 2018; the social media giant is urging businesses to utilise videos to share the brand vision, company culture and success stories with local communities and prospective candidates. Developing a YouTube channel is the most cost-effective and highest returning platform a business or professional can use argus AJG Direct.

The stats alone speak volumes, consumption now reaching 3 billion videos per day on Facebook, and YouTube boasting viewings reaching 4 billion each day; it is not surprising Cisco predicts 79% of online consumption will come through video via the consumers preferred medium. The firm is confident brands can learn from YouTube’s biggest stars to gain maximum leverage when implementing video advertising. AJG Direct, therefore, hosted a workshop on the most important lessons to take from the stars.

Lesson 1: Listen to Your Audience – Zoella, YouTube’s highest subscribing channel recommends sifting through the comments and taking inspiration from active followers, develop a checklist of FAQ and develop a playlist covering consumer interest.

Lesson 2: Measure Everything! – Tomska (3.5 million subscribers) pays close attention to data, considering favourite video style, drop out position and streamlines following videos to maximise overall enjoyment level to increase full video viewers. Online recruiters should consider the viewer demographics, ensure they are in line with a target audience and track traffic sources.

Lesson 3: Don’t Expect Engagement, Ask for It! – Encourage users to follow, like and comment on the videos. Audience opinion is the best way to develop effective campaigns, listen and respond.

Lesson 4: Use a Call To Action – Telling viewers to click a link to the companies live adverts is a great way to increase foot-flow and conversion rates for recruitment strategies.

Lesson 5: Promote Your Content using Cross-Channel Promotion – Zoella tweets links to new content. Promoting new content through other social media platforms is vital.

Lesson 6: Be Authentic – Authenticity builds trust, interview staff, and contractors instead of actors to develop the brand, it is crucial to be real and offer a genuine insight for maximum ROI. Recruiters can benefit from showcasing team days, training seminars and office location.

AJG Direct will be launching video advertising this month, watch this space. A spokesperson for the company said “It will be fun to share our culture with the outside world, we have achieved a unique balance between work and play. It will appeal to those looking to advance their careers while making new friends and enjoying the journey of entrepreneurship.”

Source: https://www.socialtalent.com/blog/recruitment/watch-and-learn-valuable-lessons-recruiters-can-learn-from-youtubes-biggest-stars


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