AJG Direct Knows the Importance of Having a Strong Presence Online

November 9, 2014
November 9, 2014 admin

AJG Direct has made itself known to the masses. Managing Director, Paul Gillett of AJG Direct explains the importance of having worldwide presence “To really get yourself out there a strong identity online is essential, it allows individuals on a huge scope to discover and find out more about you and keep up to date on all new developments. This is all happening when you are getting on with your day to day. In essence both of these factors are contributing to the growth and recognition of your company”

While carrying out the essentials of day to day business on and offline, it is vital that you keep focused and keep your sights set on the task in hand. Matt Mayberry, speaker and maximum performance strategist talks about his hardships and how he overcomes obstacles “As a former professional athlete, I had to constantly program my mind and motivate myself even in the midst of some of the most difficult times in my life.” As an Entrepreneur it is important to re-evaluate and monitor progress regularly until it becomes habit as Matt Mayberry continues to explain. “These are the exact same strategies I have been implementing into my everyday life for the past ten years which have helped me achieve some audacious goals.”

Managing Director, Paul Gillett of AJG Direct talks about constantly updating and informing others of progress “Having updates online of progression and exciting happenings both relating to business and personal reflection, will get others to take interest in your journey.” Just like Matt Mayberry’s recent article he gives the reader an insight into how remains motivated, which is something that can be practiced by others in the same field. He discusses his ‘trigger card’ which is a constant reminder of the goals he has set. “It consists of writing your two most important goals on a notecard in the present tense as if you already accomplished them. On the flip side of the card, pick two to three quotes that really move and inspire you. Whenever you are feeling down or unmotivated, pull your trigger card out and read it over a few times.” Managing Director, Paul Gillett of AJG Direct talks about where he looks for inspiration “I look at articles that reflect positive success, not necessarily in business, there are lots of exciting reads to pull you back into positive thinking mode.”



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