AJG Direct Look at the Advantages of the Cycling Superhighway

February 8, 2015
February 8, 2015 admin

A good transport infrastructure is essential in modern society, especially in the world of business. One of the main challenges facing politicians on a local and national level, is how to link Britain’s cities effectively and efficiently. The HS2 solution is one high profile development, but there are other, more environmentally friendly, alternatives being put forward. A recent report in the Yorkshire Evening Post looked at the progress of the cycling superhighway between Leeds and Bradford. Here, AJG Direct review the report, and look at the advantages the superhighway can bring.

“I personally love cycling, and, thanks in part to the success of the Tour de France in this region, it’s becoming increasingly popular across West Yorkshire”, said MD of AJG Direct Paul Gillett. “That’s why I feel the cycling superhighway is a great idea. It will allow fast and safe travel between our two major cities, without the negative environmental impact that is associated with trains and cars.”

As the Yorkshire Evening Post reveals, work is already under way on this £30 million project, and it’s expected to be open to the cycling public as early as September 2015. Cyclists won’t have to wait until then to use it, however, as phased opening will take place as soon as each section is completed. The superhighway will provide a safe environment for cyclists, bypassing the often hectic traffic conditions in central Leeds and Bradford. Special zones along the route will allow users to cycle at speeds of up to 20mph.

This is great news for businesses in the region, as it will allow workers to commute easily and speedily between the two neighbouring cities. Cycling will now be quicker for many journeys than driving, and many well documented health benefits will be enjoyed by the cyclists as well. Many entrepreneurs are finding cycling to work the ideal preparation for a busy working day. They arrive at their business feeling invigorated both mentally and physically.

“The city councils have shown real forward thinking with this joint venture, and we should feel the benefit for decades to come”, said Paul Gillett. “Cycling really is a perfect commuter option for short distances, and helps both workers and entrepreneurs avoid the frustrating and time consuming traffic jams that can occur at peak times. That’s why it makes sense for all businesses to encourage cycling among their team.”

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