American football is becoming increasingly popular in the UK. The NFL are staging regular season games at Wembley, and whoever plays, they’re always a sell out. British fans are loving the razzmatazz that comes with the sport, as well as the high energy performances on the field, and the tactical subtleties.

There’s even talk of an NFL franchise being based permanently in the United Kingdom. It’s not just sports fans on this side of the Atlantic who can learn a lot from the game. A recent article in Entrepreneur looked at things that business people could take from American Football. Here, AJG Direct review the article, and consider what British entrepreneurs can take from it.

“I’ve always been fascinated by the correlation between sport and enterprise, to succeed in either takes hard work and dedication”, said Paul Gillett, director of AJG Direct. “I’m a big fan of American football, and hope to watch a game soon in the UK. This article includes a lot of points that can really help entrepreneurs of all experience levels.”

The article recounts the experiences of Matt Mayberry. He was a rising star of college football in the States, gaining a great reputation in front of big crowds. Matt was signed up by one of the NFLs most legendary teams, the Chicago Bears, but was injured early on in his career for them and had to retire from the game. Undaunted, he has become a successful entrepreneur, and sees many similarities between American football and the world of business. One of them, is the importance of motivation. Difficulties will come, so it’s important to battle through them. Matt advises carrying a trigger card, with two goals on one side, and two inspirational quotes on the other.

Another important tip he gives is to treat yourself like a champion. Champions are full of self-confidence. They tell themselves that they can and will succeed, and then they head onto the field and do it. Positive thinking is a powerful tool in both sport and business. Matt also advises entrepreneurs to write down their goals, and reinforce them by re-writing them every day. Many business people have goals in their head, but nothing on paper that can help motivate them.

“Matt Mayberry has achieved success in both sport and business, so when he speaks, it makes sense to listen”, said Paul Gillett. “He emphasises how important motivation and positivity are. Sports champions never quit, they carry on fighting, and eventually come out on top. Entrepreneurs can do the same.”

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