AJG Direct Look Forward to Doing Business in London

March 20, 2015
March 20, 2015 admin

The United Kingdom economy is outperforming its European neighbours, as it continues to grow again after the global economic downturn. The green shoots of recovery can be seen all across the nation, from Penzance to Aberdeen, but it’s being led by the spectacular success of the capital itself. Here, AJG Direct reveal their reasons for opening an office in London, and the advantages it will bring to themselves and their clients.

“As a company who can provide high return marketing services to businesses across the United Kingdom, it made sense to open a London office”, said Paul Gillett, director of AJG Direct. “It’s a move that’s already paying dividends. London is a city that’s on the march, and an air of entrepreneurism is all around it. There’s no doubt that London’s economy will continue to grow and expand, and that this in turn will bring benefits for the country as a whole.”

The population of London continues to grow, and some of the world’s top businessmen are making their home there. As well as the large permanent population that it enjoys, it’s also becoming one of the world’s top tourist destinations. Official figures for 2013, released in May last year, show that over 17 million tourists visited the capital that year. This is a record figure, and up by over 1.3 million on the previous twelve months, which in itself had enjoyed the advantage of the London Olympics. This is great news for businesses in London, as it means that there’s a huge market of potential consumers waiting for their products and services.

It’s been said for centuries that the streets of London are paved with gold, and ambitious and forward thinking entrepreneurs are finding that’s certainly the case today. London has become a world centre of excellence for fashion and for retail, with independent businesses holding their own against global multi-nationals. It’s also noted for its IT and technology start ups, centred around the famous Silicon Roundabout. This ensures that whatever the future holds, London will be at the very forefront.

“There are huge opportunities for entrepreneurs across the UK, but especially so in London”, said Paul Gillett. “With the right sales and marketing support, they can make a real impact on the expanding and lucrative London market.”

Businesses in London and beyond can benefit from the sales and marketing expertise of AJG Direct. Their bespoke marketing campaigns yield new customers and real brand growth.


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