AJG Direct Look Forward to the National Direct Marketing Awards

May 12, 2015
May 12, 2015 admin

Direct marketing is quickly gaining momentum as an increasing number of global businesses invest in outsourcing their sales to professional direct marketing companies. By placing the sales end of their business in the hands of marketing experts, they hope to significantly increase their client base whilst improving customer relations with their current clients. AJG Direct agree that this type of marketing is proving to be the most effective way to grow a business quickly because of the increased exposure provided by specialists who are expert in building brand recognition.

AJG Direct is proud of their Director, Paul Gillett, who is being honoured at the National Direct Marketing Awards. Paul is set to receive one of the coveted top achiever awards, but he is emphatic about the fact that he couldn’t have done it alone. “I am highly honoured to be awarded as a top achiever but it was a effort that brought me this far. That’s what direct marketing is all about, working together, and I have a great office to work with. Together we create new customers for our clients and help them to achieve new heights in their business ventures.”

It is the goal of AJG Direct to become the biggest direct marketing company, not only in the UK, but throughout all of Europe as well. They even set their sights on global markets and have contacts far afield to promote businesses in ever increasing markets. “With our office members at AJG Direct, the sky is the limit and we intend to take our clients with us to the very ends of the universe. We are passionate about what we do, enjoy every success our clients achieve and give 100% effort to taking them to new levels they could only imagine before.”

One of the main obstacles to business growth is in finding ways to effectively reach new markets. With a well-rounded approach including digital as well as conventional marketing techniques, it is possible to reach ever greater numbers of people. That much is fact. However, with the addition of a direct marketing approach, it becomes possible to give prospective customers a voice, a face behind the brand. Direct marketing is all about making sales personal, meeting with and talking to customers in the real world.

This could be from a telecommunications room, a major event, email communications and other forms of contact where people communicate with people. Paul Gillett says that “We are all about people. We know what they want and we talk to them, not just at them like so many other kinds of advertising companies. By placing your sales in our hands we will bring it to real people who have real needs and real wants that we can meet.” Direct marketing is proving to be the missing link in advertising and top achiever Paul Gillett and the entire AJG Direct office are thrilled to be a part of it.


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