AJG Direct Look at How to Harness Brand Energy

December 20, 2014
December 20, 2014 admin

Smart entrepreneurs know all about the power of brand creation, but do they really understand what their brand is, and what it fully encapsulates? Businesses who understand what their brand really involves, can make the most of the power that lies behind it. A recent video on Entrepreneur.com talks about how to harness a brand’s energy. Here, AJG Direct review the points raised in the video, and consider how businesses of all sizes can make their brand more effective.

“Many entrepreneurs, especially start up entrepreneurs, may want to create a brand, but they’re not sure how to go about it”, said Paul Gillett, director of AJG Direct. “This video can really help them, because it explains that creating a brand is about creating touchstones with your customers, and potential customers, and showing them how your services can benefit them.”

The video talks to Karen Leland, of Sterling Marketing Group, and Brad Smith, of Sage North America. They have a wealth of experience in creating and growing a brand, and then using the power of their brand to create enhanced engagement with their consumers. One mistake that many business people make, according to Karen Leland, is that they mistake their logo for their brand. Logos and graphics can help to convey a brand, and help it reach the public’s consciousness, but the brand is the company itself, rather than the logo.

It’s important that consumers engage with your business, and all it has to offer. This involves creating a strong and unique identity for your business. Stand out from the crowd, and show why consumers should choose you rather than a business rival. To do this, entrepreneurs must have a strong vision for their business, and ensure that this is shared by all their team. This vision should allow your company to achieve something that none of your competitors do. You can then use these unique qualities to reach out to consumers, and create the touchstones that will build your brand.

“What’s most important in building a brand, is thinking about what are consumers looking for, and how can I supply that need”, said Paul Gillett. “In this way, consumers will become enthusiastic about you and your products, and turn to you again and again. Once your brand is built, you can harness its power by putting it at the heart of your advertising campaigns.”

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