Sales and Marketing firm AJG Direct will be taking their top performing contractors on an exclusive R&R trip to Tenerife in October.

AJG Direct’s Managing Director Paul Gillett has announced that he will be travelling to Tenerife next month for an exclusive R&R business event. The trip, which has been put together by the UK’s leading mentors and consultants in the sales and marketing sector will offer attendees the opportunity to take a break from the fast-paced outsourced sales and marketing world and spend some time refocusing and having fun.

The outsourced sales and marketing industry is continuously growing and transforming, making it a hugely exciting industry to be a part of. However, this growth also means that the need for determination, innovation and focus is at an all-time high which can cause professionals to burn out if they are not careful and fail to manage their downtime effectively. By offering this exclusive R&R trip to the industry’s top performing contractors and accomplished business owners organisers are confident that they will be able to highlight the importance of taking regular time out to refresh the mind, as well as reward the hard work and achievements of those attending.

Paul Gillett believes that when it comes to exclusive events within the industry, it is important to involve those who have made a substantial contribution to AJG Direct’s success. As such Paul Gillett will be inviting a selection of the firm’s top performing contractors and administrators to join him in Tenerife for the R&R trip. Also attending the trip will be a handful of the UK’s most successful outsourced sales and marketing business owners and professionals, which will offer AJG Direct’s contractors a great opportunity to build relationships with like-minded, ambitious individuals outside of the hectic work environment. The trip will also present opportunities to relax in Tenerife’s idyllic climate, take in the local sights, participate in activities and discuss new industry strategies in a relaxed and comfortable setting.

Paul Gillett believes R&R trips to be incredibly important, especially in the current economic climate where working hours are getting longer and the stresses of daily life are constantly increasing. With the rise in communication technology many young professionals rarely have a chance to truly switch off and Mr. Gillett is confident that this trip will open his contractors’ eyes to the benefits of taking a break.

AJG Direct’s Paul Gillett is also adamant that for those looking to go the distance, travel is an important part of building business experience. As well as opening up a wealth of new opportunities for networking, travelling to a new, unfamiliar environment can help professionals expand their problem-solving skills and get used to thinking on their feet. Paul Gillett is confident that as well as relaxing and feeling refreshed, the firm’s contractors will return from Tenerife with a wider skill set and a new outlook that will help them on their mission to achieve a sustainable and successful future in the business.