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December 21, 2015
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AJG Direct highlight the importance of continuing to exceed consumer expectations, and offer customer service advice.

In the digital age of electronic word-of-mouth customer service has never been so important, yet many businesses continue to lose sight of their customers’ needs. AJG Direct suggest that it is necessary to consistently update customer service models by applying it to the latest developments with customer needs and trends in the marketplace.

Customer service is essentially a marketing tactic that can be used to help differentiate businesses from their major competitors, and in doing so build a favourable reputation with the public (Destiny Connect, 2015). Paul Gillett, Managing Director of AJG Direct says ‘ we try to separate ourselves from their competitors through constant and continuous innovation, and believe it’s possible to have fast, fun and effective ways to interact with customers, before, during and after sales’.

By continuing to improve the methods employed businesses can make customer experiences more unique, more effective and more systematic. AJG Direct offer a personalised and tailored marketing service, as they believe customers are not generic. Therefore, they suggest it is critical to respond flexibly to different consumer types by proactively undertaking the following customer service ventures:


Sending customers service follow-up emails, speaking to them on the phone, or employing focus groups are great ways of measuring customer service satisfaction. Use them to compare customer service against competitors’, and even co-create areas of service policy. This will ensure a business keeps up-to-date with the latest consumer needs in their industry (Destiny Connect, 2015). AJG Direct use customer feedback and representative suggestions to ensure their marketing systems are of the highest standard, as this ensures customer satisfaction as well as customer retention.


It is important to outline a clear customer service policy to illustrate how customers should be serviced. Let customers, employees and partners all know what the policy entails and train them accordingly (Destiny Connect, 2015). Creating a strong and quality customer service policy lays the foundations for relationships with each and every customer, and AJG Direct are able to ensure that every person that comes into contact with their business is completely satisfied with the product or service that they’ve purchased. This policy – along with any future alterations that may be made – should also be communicated to all stakeholders.


Businesses often provide discounted pricing and promotional offers to attract new customers, but failing to acknowledge and take care of past customers may result in the loss of people who are most loyal to the brand (New Angle Media, 2014). AJG stress the importance of rewarding customers for their continued loyalty, as well as those in the service team who uphold company policy, acting as the mouthpiece for the business.

About AJG Direct

AJG Direct aim to be one of the UK’s fastest growing sales and marketing companies by systematically increasing the market share of their clients, as well as providing high quality results.

They have access to a network that consists of more than 1800 sales professionals representing our clients in over 45 locations across Europe, and deliver consistent and dependable results through face to face sales, business to business solicitations and event based marketing.



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