AJG Direct on Finding the Energy to Build Good Habits

August 13, 2015
August 13, 2015 admin

Anywhere you look you will find advice on the ‘good habits’ needed for business success. Directors and entrepreneurs are told that they need to get in the habit of planning, getting organised and learning to delegate. AJG Direct marketing firm understands that building good habits takes energy so here they share some insight into where (and how!) to find the energy it will take to build those good habits.

Looking at some of the habits necessary to business success, Director Paul Gillett finds that “Building good habits takes some amount of energy. You need to be aware of the fact that the bigger the habit you are trying to build, the more energy you will need to expend. I recently read an article written by Brian Tracey for Entrepreneur in which he used an analogy from science called ‘activation energy.’ This is the amount of energy needed to get a chemical reaction going and the bigger the reaction, a greater amount of energy will be needed.”

Paul has spent a good deal of time thinking about this concept of activation energy as it refers to developing good business habits. For example, he knows that planning and organisation are critical to business success. “We all know that planning is a huge part of what we do as administrators or directors and if we are not organised when it comes to setting out and following plans, our goals and ambitions can quickly fall apart.”

He suggests that you find ways to conserve energy when planning and one way is to find tools that make planning that much easier. Paul likes to use planning apps for his mobile phone such as digital software and calendars that take little energy to run. Instead of spinning your wheels daily to update your plans, the software can tick off steps as they are taken.

In other words, no matter what you do you will be expending energy as you plan and carry out that plan. Finding ways to minimise your efforts will reduce the ‘activation energy’ needed. The energy you save can be used to accomplish other tasks. “It’s like the old adage we all live by here at AJG Direct,” Paul concludes, “Work smarter, not harder.”

Yes, you need activation energy to form good habits but if you can find tools to reduce the physical energy you need to expend, you will find those good habits much easier to build. The point is, good habits are a must so find ways to activate the energy needed to develop them and you will be so much more effective for your efforts.


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