AJG Direct on the Effective Use of Social Media

November 13, 2015
November 13, 2015 admin

By this point in time, it is no secret just how important the effective use of social media can be to your bottom line as a business concern. The phrase “People are social creatures” is plastered all over the internet, making it a sort of mantra in the marketing industry. Yes, people are social in nature and need interaction within their lives, but AJG Direct know that all company based social media advertising must be well thought through. Paul Gillett, director of AJG Direct, looks at using social media effectively to grow your bottom line.

“It’s all about engagement,” Paul says. “If you have any hopes of growing your business through social media you need to understand what it’s all about. The first thing we tell our clients is that today’s consumer wants a relationship with the brands they buy from. However, it is important to understand what they are looking for when seeking engagement with your brand, your product line. Research is a key point here because you need to analyse what products they are looking at and also which social sites get the most interest.”

This, according to Paul, means doing a thorough analysis of sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest to see which of those social sites have the most active users within your industry. Next, it is important to tally what those users are looking at before sending out posts to draw them in. Most businesses simply don’t have the manpower to engage full-time with social networks so well-chosen topics are of vital importance. “See what your followers are looking at and then put out short posts that draw them into active conversations.”

Paul explains that social sites require posts that are short and to the point so it is important to get to the matter quickly and concisely. Answer any questions your followers might ask in regards to your product line and offer advice on the best use of specific products so that they know you really care. “Today’s consumer is tired of the super-sized corporations that care little about their customers,” he explains. “They want to know that they are more than a statistic and by giving them helpful hints and pertinent information they can’t get elsewhere, those customers know you care about them.”

In the end, the effective use of social media requires knowing where your target audience might be at any given time, which sites they frequent, and to post interesting and engaging content to draw them in. “If you are going to go social,” Paul states, “you need to be social and that means actually conversing with them in real time. Don’t spin your wheels. Do the research first. Determine where you will find them, then draw them in with engaging content.” That’s what today’s consumer needs and wants and AJG Direct is all about engagement. They are, after all, one of the UK’s leading direct marketing firms that engage face-to-face daily with thousands of consumers. If you need one single take-away from all this, it’s all about engagement.


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