AJG Direct publish their how-to guide to conquer fear and accelerate success

April 9, 2018
April 9, 2018 admin

London-based direct sales and marketing specialists, AJG Direct contend that fear is what holds people back from fulfilling their potential and respond by publishing their how-to guide to conquer fear.

Fear is the body’s emotional response brought on by a perceived threat that causes a change in behavior. Responses to fear are different depending on the person and include hiding, running away or freezing. For some, fear takes up too much time and stops people from changing jobs, moving cities and reaching their potential. Direct sales and marketing firm, AJG Direct believes that people should stop denying themselves the life they deserve because of fears that something will be too hard or because of the fear of failure.  For them, fear is merely a four-letter word and encourages others to see it this way with the help of their ‘How To’ guide to conquering fear.

Step One – Take a deep breath

Breathing correctly is an excellent way to control fear and keep it under wraps before it starts to dig it’s ugly claws in. Taking a deep breath will calm any nerves before embarking on something that is outside of comfort zones.

Step Two – Use positive self-talk

People talk themselves out of doing things all the time, so instead focus that energy on positive self-affirmations.  Practice positive self-talk enough times so that what is being said is believable.

Step Three – Use rewards

Everyone loves a reward, and they can be excellent sources of motivation and determination to overcome specific fears and challenges. Using the carrot, rather than the stick approach will keep anxiety at bay.

Step Four – Visualisation

Visualisation is a powerful technique for making things happen so the more time that is spent visualising a positive result, then the more likely that result is to occur.

Step Five – Story Telling

Stories act as excellent sources of inspiration to knock fear on the head and think of the stories that can be told to help inspire and motivate others.

Since fear is a massive barrier to success, AJG Direct teaches these fear hacks to the firm’s staff and contractors as a way to help them reach their potential and forge a successful career for themselves. AJG Direct urges individuals to take control of fear before it takes control of them because great things happen to fearless people.


Source: https://addicted2success.com/success-advice/5-ways-to-overcome-fear-so-you-can-live-a-successful-and-abundant-life/


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