November 27, 2017 admin

After a recent survey uncovered three-quarters of UK professionals have significant regrets about their careers, AJG Direct has spoken out on how it’s tackling the problem through its interview process.  

In a recent survey from the UK’s biggest online job board, CV-Library has found that over 75 percent of Brits would change to an entirely different career if they were given the opportunity to.  

As many as 44 percent feel that have made the wrong moves in the past and have regretted their decisions. The survey looked at the views of 1,200 members of the workforce in the UK; it found those aged 35-44 were the demographic most likely to want a career change 79.7 percent, 18-24-year-olds also hit close to the top percentile with 79.2 percent of which would look for a career change.  

Furthermore, the study went on to find the top five regrets among UK professionals. They are as follows:  

1.) 45.8 percent found themselves “Moving to a company that I didn’t end up liking.” 

2.) 29.4 percent agreed to “Not quitting my previous job sooner.”  

3.) 27.1 percent agreed to “Not going for a promotion when I should have”  

4.) 26.7 percent agreed to “Starting out in my chosen career later in life.” 

5.) 22.5 percent agreed to “leaving a company that I really liked.” 

AJG Direct is committed to supporting and encouraging success; they believe that businesses can only build for long-term success if their workforce is happy. AJG Direct think professionals should feel confident and challenged and that their firm has the infrastructure to build a strong and supportive workplace network.   

The firm believes that it’s a two-way street to find the right individual for the business and the correct business for the individual. During AJG Direct candidate selection, they adopt a three-stage process; this allows candidates to ensure they feel they’re the right fit for the company, the first stage being a screening phase where successful candidates are invited back to take part in an observation day. This step allows the individuals to meet and gel with the other candidates as well as gaining an insight into the day to day activities.  

AJG Direct is one of the UK’s fastest growing sales and event marketing companies by increasing the market share of their clients while providing high-quality results. AJG Direct provides the most cost-effective way for clients to sell and market their products and services. The company pride themselves on their cost-effective methods while still offering a high quality of customer service, all while still delivering consistent and dependable rustles through face-to-face sales at exciting retail events, business to business.  



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