AJG Direct Reveal the 4 Things that Lead to Entrepreneurial Success

February 26, 2016
February 26, 2016 admin

There are countless articles written on what it takes to achieve entrepreneurial success; so many in fact that new entrepreneurs may feel completely overwhelmed by what lies ahead. To add some clarity, MD Paul Gillett of AJG Direct has narrowed down 4 key things which can lead new entrepreneurs to success.

Entrepreneurship is not easy, this is a well-known fact. Entrepreneurs need to learn on the go and gathering the correct information and seeking out relevant advice can be a huge, not to mention incredibly time consuming challenge. What many people don’t realise however is that by committing to entrepreneurship, an individual is also committing to a life of continuous learning. Business is an ever changing, unpredictable entity, and even the very best entrepreneurs must constantly crave new information and develop new skills if they have any chance of surviving in the business environment long-term. Managing Director Paul Gillett of sales and marketing firm AJG Direct firmly believes that the ground work entrepreneurs lay when starting out shapes their future thinking, actions and success. He also believes that committing to learning and self-development early on is integral.

To help new entrepreneurs start their journey on a positive path, create a winning mind-set and to awaken their thirst for learning, Paul Gillett of AJG Direct has condensed the most common entrepreneurial advice into the following 4-point plan.


There are many traits people consider to be the most vital to entrepreneurial success, however perseverance is widely considered to be the most important skill an entrepreneur can have. Without perseverance, other skills are rendered useless.

Perseverance pushes an entrepreneur forward, meaning that they are able to break through barriers and overcome challenges that others can’t. Whilst many believe business acumen and intellect is the key to success, Paul Gillett is keen to point out that perseverance trumps these attributes. The ability to persevere can help an entrepreneur battle through the things they don’t understand and drive them to improve their knowledge.

Manage Cash Flow

Being successful as an entrepreneur doesn’t just mean making money, although this is often a big pull for many. Success as an entrepreneur is about building wealth and being able to manage cash flow. Making money is great, but if this return is being wasted then a business is going to have a very short shelf life.

Become a Business Influencer

Entrepreneurs need to have influence, especially if they are to gain support whether it be from investors, staff or potential customers. Whilst the common belief is that influence is something someone is born with, many established entrepreneurs disagree with this claim, and believe that just like any other skill, with the right commitment influence can be learnt.

Don’t Go it Alone

Entrepreneurs often fail because they only see true success in accomplishing everything alone. This approach has two outcomes: 1) they burnout and fail, or 2) they lack the specific skills to perform certain tasks well enough and then fail. There is no shame in asking for help or reaching out for support, and doing so can actually benefit the company by adding new ideas and diversity.

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