AJG Direct reveal their biggest productivity hacks in a recent interview

May 24, 2018
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May 24, 2018 admin

AJG Direct’s Managing Director, Paul Gillett recently revealed how he keeps productivity in the office high, even during the distracting summer months.

With a heat wave summer on the cards for London, Event Marketing specialist’s AJG Direct reveal their biggest productivity hacks in a recent interview.  “Our clients expect consistency throughout the year, as summer gets in full flight it is vital for all businesses to maintain focus on the bigger picture and maintain consistency in results”, revealed Mr Gillett.  In a bid to inspire others, the firm is committed to working smarter not harder, ensuring tight timescales are maintained.

The firm released their top habits that help them maximise their productivity:

  1. Get focus fit – In a world packed with technology, most people succumb to distractions, be it social media notifications or meaningless tasks, the firm believes that the day can quickly pass without any productive achievements. AJG Direct encourage their contractors to switch off their smartphone notifications to guarantee meaningful progress on big projects.
  1. Take frequent breaks instead of one long one – High cognitive performance requires the brain to take frequent short breaks. Studies have backed up theories of intense bursts of work followed by short scheduled breaks boosted performance, reduced feelings of fatigue and sharpened focus.
  1. Don’t eat lunch at your desk – With studies confirming that those who eat their lunch at their office in a bid to multitask record higher levels of workplace stress. AJG Direct have an enforced rule that breaks are to be taken away from workspaces to boost creativity and allow contractors to recharge the mind and body adequately.
  1. Shut down your day – AJG Direct believe that professionals that take the time to address what went well and what could have been better helps individuals to be reflective and quickly learn how they can improve. Each person aligns new goals for the following day; this strategy is vital to the firm’s success as it allows time to develop so they can all achieve better results the next morning.

As a fast-growing business AJG Direct is committed to consistency, their brand provides a guarantee of quality and assured results for the firm’s clients, running regular workshops allows everyone to think forward and develop new skills daily.


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