AJG Direct reveals details of Christmas Competition

December 20, 2016
December 20, 2016 admin

Sales and marketing firm, AJG Direct has announced the details of their exciting Christmas competition and revealed the phenomenal prizes that can be won.

London-based sales and marketing firm, AJG Direct has revealed details of their exciting Christmas competition which they are hosting with the purpose of inspiring and motivating their contractors to up their game and increase productivity over the busy Christmas period. The firm understands how at this time of year it can be extremely difficult to turn off and start entering relaxation mode before actually reaching Christmas day. AJG Direct stresses how important it is that their contractors deliver 100% productivity to stay ahead of the competition, right up until Christmas.

AJG Direct has therefore decided that the competition will be performance-based and the winners will be the people who deliver the best performance and the best results for their clients. “This means that everybody has a chance to win, it depends on their own attitude and motivation towards succeeding,” shared business owner and competition organiser, Paul Gillett.

AJG Direct has revealed the phenomenal prizes up for grabs include a trip to the USA in January to visit sales offices and business pros from across the pond, as well as a Virgin Experience Day which could be anything from spa and beauty treatments to a flying lesson or hot air balloon trip. The firm believes that these exciting rewards will help their contractors maintain productivity and motivation throughout the Christmas period.

AJG Direct believes in rewarding hard work and encouraging healthy competition as methods to insight productivity and motivation all year round. The firm regularly offers rewards for hard work and strong results by hosting team nights and competitions with exceptional prizes. AJG Direct outlines how competition is natural in a sales environment and stresses that ensuring that competition is healthy is a sure fire way to drive success.

AJG Direct is an outsourced sales and marketing firm based in North London. The firm specialises in a unique form of direct marketing which allows the firm to design and implement personalised marketing campaigns directly to consumers, on behalf of their clients’ brands. This one-to-one method of communication helps the firm to drive long-lasting and personal business relationships between brand and consumer. In turn, this often leads to increased customer acquisition, brand awareness and brand loyalty for their clients, as well as a high return on investment.


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