AJG Direct Review Announcement of London being AI Capital of Europe

August 28, 2018
Posted in Technology
August 28, 2018 admin

Following the recent announcement that London has been named the AI capital of Europe, AJG Direct have been reviewing whether artificial intelligence has a place in the sales and marketing industry.

The Mayor of London commissioned a significant piece of research on Artificial Intelligence (AI), and a key finding revealed that London is the Artificial Intelligence capital of Europe.  London is home to 758 AI companies, which is double the total of Paris and Berlin combined.  Investment from London-based AI companies has grown more than 50% in 2017 and has now reached over £200m.

As AI has growing importance on the economy and is increasingly being used with consumers, often without them even noticing, outsourced sales and event marketing company, AJG Direct have been investigating the rise of AI and its status in direct marketing strategies.

Artificial Intelligence is the ability of technology to exhibit human-like intelligence and to perform human tasks such as decision support, reasoning, learning and visual perception.  Large corporations have long used AI, but since there has been a leap in technological advances, AI is now accessible to companies of all sizes.

There is no doubt that AI makes a business more efficient, but the question that AJG Direct ask is whether there is a place for AI in the sales and marketing industry or do people still value person-to-person communication when it comes to connecting with brands.

AI can serve as an asset to direct selling because it can offer automated consumer support. Specialized AI machines can accumulate consumer information to provide solutions and help customers decide which products are best for them.  Advancements in technology mean that chatbots speak naturally, so when online, customers often can’t tell the difference.

But, does technology and AI offer a seamless customer buying experience? Asks AJG Direct. “AI lacks the artistry found in human activities,” said Managing Director of AJG Direct, Paul Gillett.

“Humans are unique in their ability to cater to the differing needs of individuals and can understand when to adjust the subtleties different buying solutions require,” added the Managing Director.  AJG Direct take a firm approach that people still matter and that it is crucial for businesses to keep this in mind. Consumers still like human interaction as part of their buying experience and for brands, using people over AI will help build relationships and increase customer loyalty.  AJG Direct worry that, no matter how great AI is, it can’t replicate the human touch that the sales and marketing industry has perfected.

As a London-based firm, AJG Direct is particularly interested in the rise of AI.  As technology is relentless in its advancement, the firm remains resolute in their opinion that some things continue to be fundamental, and that in-person communication will always continue to be one of them.   “Just because the technology and AI are available, doesn’t mean it’s always going to be the best option in every situation,” concluded Paul Gillett, Managing Director of AJG Direct.



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