AJG Direct Review Methods for Persuasive Success in the Marketing World

July 30, 2015
July 30, 2015 admin

Whether the goal is to fill an arena, sell a product or provide some other service in the world of business, it is essential to be persuasive. Marketing agencies and those who work alongside them understand the need for persuasion and why it is so important to the overall concept of marketing. In essence, marketing is persuasion, so it makes sense that every brand wants to be on its A-game with respect to effectively convincing clients, customers and even other firms of various concepts. Here, AJG Direct review methods of persuasion that can help generate marketing success between firms for networking success, as well as strategies for maximising marketing prowess in events and beyond.

The number one principle behind persuasion relates to the concept of addressing others’ needs first. Many brands may attempt to frame the argument by focusing on the brand’s desires, but this is never a good idea. What is in it for the buyer, partner or attendee? AJG Direct’s Director, Paul Gillett, was clear about this concept in a recent interview. “Whether it’s a client or prospective customer, the focus must be entirely on them. What will they gain from the experience, event or transaction, and what is the trade-off?”, he responded. With respect to proper marketing strategies that are persuasive, it is a one-way street when illustrating benefits.

Another crucial component in event planning and other forms of marketing is to find ways to always accommodate potential critics. In many cases, the criticisms may be unfounded or irrelevant, but addressing them can go a long way toward improving brand image and increasing the chances of a successful campaign. Communication is always the most important element when handling critics; in many cases, a thoughtful dialogue can serve as an alternative to changing concrete plans and methods for promoting or holding various events.

Last but definitely not least, communicating with other individuals in the world of marketing is essential. AJG Direct has emphasised the need to be open and accommodating with other marketing professionals when engaging in B2B and networking situations. Similar to accommodating criticism, it is always essential to take into account others’ opinions and treat them positively. By being open to new ideas and expressing interest in what other marketing professionals have to say, persuasion on a variety of levels then becomes possible. This is why AJG Direct and other leading marketing brands focus diligently on hearing what others have to say, taking their comments into consideration, and inevitably delivering results that please everyone involved.


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