AJG Direct Review ‘Who Moved My Cheese?’

September 10, 2014
September 10, 2014 admin

The best business books contain pearls of wisdom that can help both new entrepreneurs, and people who have spent decades running their own business. One of the most successful business books of recent years is ‘Who Moved My Cheese?’ by Spencer Johnson, and published by Vermilion. Here, AJG Direct review this motivational manual, and look at how important its underlying message is to businesses today.

“As a businessman I’m always willing to learn new ideas, and discover new ways of addressing some of the challenges that commerce brings”, said Paul Gillett, director of AJG Direct. “Reading business books can be a great way to do this. Who Moved My Cheese is one of the most successful books in recent years, and it deals with something that everyone in business faces at recurring points in their working lives: how to deal effectively with change.”

The full title of the book is: ‘Who Moved My Cheese?: An Amazing Way To Deal With Change In Your Work And In Your Life.’ The title itself gets to the heart of one of the most important aspects of such books, that the lessons within them can be just as useful in your personal life as they can be in your business life. Since its launch in 1998, Spencer Johnson’s book has gone on to be a publishing phenomenon, selling more than 26 million copies globally, and being available in 37 different countries. So successful was it, that a follow up was launched specifically aimed at teenage readers to teach them how to cope with the changes occurring in their lives.

One of the great assets of this book is that it teaches important lessons through the use of humour. It centres around two mice who have to adapt and find new strategies when they find that their supply of cheese has gone. These are the central lessons at the heart of the book: accept that change happens, anticipate and be ready for the change, monitor and assess the change, be flexible and adapt to change quickly, enjoy the change, be ready for further change and prepare to enjoy that as well.

“Whether in business or in life, we all find that our cheese moves from time to time, so it’s important that we’re ready to move with it”, said Paul Gillett. “I recommend this book to anyone who runs a business, or is thinking of starting one. It’s a best seller for a reason, and one of the best lessons it teaches is that it’s important to embrace and enjoy change. That’s just what I do when AJG Direct take on new clients, and each one brings a new and exciting opportunity.”

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