AJG Direct Review Plans for a New Academy in Leeds

October 9, 2014
October 9, 2014 admin

Society is changing, and so schools have to change too. By specialising in a particular area, some schools believe they can better prepare their pupils for their future careers. That’s one reason that more and more schools are applying to become specialist academies. A recent report in the Yorkshire Evening Post looked at plans for a new academy in east Leeds. Here, AJG Direct review the report, and look at how educational establishments and businesses can work closer together.

“It’s more important than ever that our children get a great education”, said Paul Gillett, director of AJG Direct. “With increasing competition for jobs, it’s essential that education is focussed on the future careers that pupils will be moving into. There’s also a growing population, so it’s essential that high quality schools and academies are built to service the demand.”

The article reveals that plans have been made for a large new academy to be built in the Temple Newsome area of the city. The free school would be open to boys and girls aged between 11-16 and could offer places to over 1,000 pupils. They hope to open in 2016, and in doing so hope to combat the over-subscription that’s affecting all schools in east Leeds. The nearby Temple Moor school had twice as many applicants as it had places available, and proposed housing developments in Seacroft and Thorpe Park would make this problem even worse.

The planned school would be located on the site of the East Leeds Leisure Centre. In putting the bid together, the new school’s committee has expressed concerns that many parents from east Leeds have to take their pupils long distances to ensure they get an education. The school will be called Temple Academy, and aims to benefit the wider community as well. It will stay open all year round, and offer facilities and events for people of all ages.

“Leeds is a growing city, so this is very welcome news”, said Paul Gillett. “I hope that the school provides a truly vocational education to its new pupils. It’s important that young students learn about how business works, and how they can get involved in it. We could be nurturing a new generation of entrepreneurs that will take Leeds and the UK forward in coming decades.”

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