AJG Direct Review the Importance of Strong Company Culture

July 26, 2018
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July 26, 2018 admin

Fresh from their recent double award nomination, AJG Direct have been reviewing how industry recognition can boost company culture.

After becoming finalists in two categories at the UK Business Awards, AJG Direct have been looking at how accolades boost company culture and discuss how they will maximise on this recognition.

Managing Director at AJG Direct, Paul Gillett has worked hard to develop a strong recognition and reward culture at the firm to ensure that the companies staff and contractors feel appreciated, as well as simultaneously improving talent retention and productivity.

According to an article on Forbes, 86% of businesses have some kind of employee recognition or rewards program in place. London-based AJG Direct contend that a rewards program is a great way to recognise people for their hard work and efforts and that it can have a significant impact on company culture.

Managing Director Paul Gillett argues that strong company culture is integral to attracting and retaining top talent and that people work harder when they know that their abilities will be recognised. At AJG Direct they are proud to have developed a strong recognition and reward culture, offering frequent bonuses, incentives, and prizes to their top performers.

As well as their recognition program, AJG Direct also has a very social culture, with weekly crew nights. The firm understands that it is vital to achieve a good work-life balance. “We are proud of our social culture. It’s important to take time out to relax and unwind, and it also provides a tremendous opportunity for our people to form personal relationships which can prove advantageous in a business setting,” commented Mr. Gillett.

The final component of the firm’s company culture is development opportunities. According to data provided by Blackhawk Engagement Solutions, 89% of employers assume people leave for a higher salary; however, stats show that only 12% of employees earn more in their new position. Therefore suggesting that salary is not the motivation for seeking a new job. AJG Direct believe that offering people the chance to learn, grow and develop is pivotal to the firm’s ability to retain talent and maximise their potential. The firm offers individuals the chance to progress their business development via one on one mentoring sessions, weekly in-house seminars as well as attending quarterly industry conferences.

The sales and event-marketing firm think that it is important to be recognised for hard work both on an industry level and internally.  AJG Direct’s recent corporate recognition has had a significant impact on the company. The sales and event-marketing specialists are finalists in two categories at the UK Business Awards. “It’s vital to have an internal recognition program for our contractors, however, to be recognised as a company for the work we are doing is an incredible feeling, and the news was received with great excitement and a sense of pride,” stated Mr. Gillett. 

AJG Direct is one of the UK’s fastest growing sales and event marketing firms that specialise in increasing the market share of their clients by delivering exceptional customer service.  The firm is proud to have developed a strong company culture, and they urge industry leaders to focus on culture to attract and retain top talent.

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