When a business is new, or in its infancy, it makes sense to look at how other companies have achieved success, and to follow their example. This is particularly pertinent when it comes to branding. Creating a strong and recognisable brand can make all the difference between success and failure, especially in our competitive market. A recent article in Entrepreneur magazine revealed five branding strategies used by big businesses. Here, AJG Direct review the article, and look at the lessons that can be taken from it.

“It’s always good to think about the brands you love, and consider what it is that makes them so appealing”, said Paul Gillett, director of AJG Direct. “However big your company is, there are lessons that can be taken from leading companies. As this excellent article shows, the strategies that big businesses adopt when it comes to branding can also pay real dividends for small and medium enterprises.”

Many start up entrepreneurs make the mistake of thinking that building a brand consists simply of picking a logo, or choosing the colour of their lettering. By spending some time creating a strong brand identity, an entrepreneur has much more chance of being noticed by the public. This is vital to gain the success that your product or service deserves. The first lesson given by the article relates to Coca-Cola, one of the most recognisable brands of them all. The same font and colours are used throughout everything they do, creating a strong and unified identity. Always ensure that your business does the same.

The next lesson is to have a brand czar that oversees everything to do with the brand, or that could impact upon the brand. This could be the founding entrepreneur themselves, but it’s important that they ensure that everything that leaves the company reflects and enhances the brand standard. Lesson three is to embrace storytelling. Engage with consumers, and create interesting stories that they really want to hear. When this happens, you’ll quickly find that consumers share your stories, and your brand. This can, and should, involve being part of the wider community, and taking an interest in what’s happening there. The final lesson is to take advantage of all the data available, and use it to find out how successful your branding really is.

“A strong brand will lead to a strong company, so it should be at the heart of all you do”, said Paul Gillett. “Remember that your brand isn’t just what you look like as a business, it’s what you do. Create good news stories about your company, and ensure that consumers hear about them.”

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