London-based sales and marketing firm, AJG Direct has embarked on a road trip extravaganza with several teams divided across multiple locations in order to generate massive results.

The demand for AJG Direct’s personalised marketing services is rapidly increasing and has gotten so large in fact that the entirety of the firm’s London office stepped up in order to help out at events in locations spread all across the UK last week.

The widespread events meant that the London office took part in a road trip extravaganza which saw them travel to multiple locations in the UK to offer their unique marketing events. These road trips are massively helpful for the firm’s clients as it allows them to expand their market reach into new locations and connect with more, ideal consumers.

In addition to the massive benefits for their clients, the road trip extravaganza gave AJG Direct the perfect opportunity to conduct extensive market research into multiple new locations which will help the firm determine the ideal location for potential upcoming expansions. The firm believes that it is vital to have experience in these areas and work out which area will be the most attractive for their clients’ goals and their own agenda.

AJG Direct is highly sought after by growing businesses who wish to increase their revenue. The firm offers a unique form of direct marketing whereby they run pop-up events at popular retail locations giving their clients access to growing numbers of their ideal consumers. The firm believes that event marketing is so successful because it allows consumers to really get to know and understand what a brand does. Consumers have the opportunity to connect with a real person and discover the answer to any questions they may have regarding a product or service, which helps them to make the best decision regarding their purchase. AJG Direct is confident that their personalised event marketing service is the most effective form of delivering a high ROI in a short time period.

AJG Direct believes that travel is a vital component to business success and therefore feels that the fact they were able to offer their contractors the opportunity to experience these road trips will be hugely beneficial for each individual as well as their business. “Travel helps to improve several vital skill-sets such as time management and people skills,” highlighted a spokesperson for AJG Direct. The firm has revealed that with their event marketing services being in such high demand they have the potential to run several of these road trip extravaganzas by the end of the year.