AJG Direct share their strategy to avoid a festive slump

November 27, 2017
November 27, 2017 admin

With many winding down for festivities with friends and family, AJG Direct share their strategy on how they keep their workforce on task. 

London based sales and marketing specialists AJG Direct have been around long enough to know that the lead up to Christmas can be a distracting time and for some workers, and they will observe a dip in productivity.  Committed to consistency the firm is confident their strategy to maintain momentum into the new year will benefit all involved with the company, from contractors to clients and investors.  To inspire other SME’s to strive to have a record-breaking December the firm share how they keep everyone motivated. 

Understand not everyone is motivated by the same thing – Each member of the team offers unique strengths, and likewise, each has personal motivators.  By taking the time to get to know about each will allow development strategies and incentives to be tailored for maximum effectiveness.  A common belief is that employees will never work as hard as the business owner, this is only true for leaders who don’t take the time to figure out where each person’s motivators lie. 

Clear expectations boost performance – Good leaders can communicate clear expectations for each worker to use as a benchmark for productivity.  Research has identified that only half of employees are aware of what’s expected of them.  Businesses who are unable to communicate expectations will often find workers lack understanding on how they add value to a company or organisation. 

Be pioneers in communication – learning to engage workers will boost intrinsic motivation, people who feel part of a community and share values are more likely to share positive stories with those outside of the business.  The level of employee engagement can be directly linked to productivity, therefore take a moment to put yourself in their shoes and see what Christmas means to them, family, festivities, and a well-earned rest.  Where possible incentivise through days off over the Christmas period, by packing tasks into shorter time scales will force urgency and still offer the same output. 

Let employees build trust by offering opportunities to prove they deserve it – When employees are communicated with clearly their expectations are clear, they can then set out figuring out how to maximise their potential.  A good leader doesn’t offer all the solutions, instead encourages forward thinking and solution orientated actions.  For those who can figure out answers on their own, a leader can see potential in their ability to advance and progress.  Those who feel in control of their careers will maintain focus even during periods of usually low output. 

AJG Direct is confident SME’s who can implement their top tips can boost their overall output during the festive period, and identify employees who are ready to make the next step in their career in 2018. 

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