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January 7, 2016
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London-based sales and marketing firm AJG Direct have shared their top brand management techniques in order to help entrepreneurs build a great brand reputation.

AJG Direct believes that branding plays an important role in success and says that businesses and entrepreneurs should do all that they can to manage their own brand reputation, especially online. The firm says, “ How you brand your business can lead to the success or failure of the company.” AJG Direct believe that branding such as logos and colour schemes should be easily recognisable to consumers who identify this with the business but also recommend having a strong input on the content being put out there on behalf of the brand.

AJG Direct highlights how content and the brand message can have a huge impact on the type of consumers a brand attracts and can also play a huge role in whether these consumers recommend a brand or leave negative reviews online.

The firm has taken to using networks such as Facebook and Glassdoor in order to build their brand reputation. AJG Direct believes that these networks are popular places for consumers and employees to leave feedback on the company and its practices and says that if used correctly this can really help to optimise the brand’s reputation.

“As a business we like to be as transparent as possible and this means allowing people to offer their opinions on our business,” states AJG Direct’s Managing Director, Paul Gillette. “We utilise tools such as Glassdoor and Facebook to gain great feedback and knowledge in order to manage our brand reputation and make any necessary improvements.”

AJG Direct has offered their top tips for brand management:

Make sure the business name properly communicates the brand message
The first step towards customer satisfaction is to properly communicate the brand message, highlights AJG Direct. The firm says this means ensuring the business name and domain name properly communicate the brand message. The firm advises having a memorable domain name to stand out and be remembered by consumers.

Build relationships with authoritative sources that provide brand reviews
Just like AJG Direct have developed a relationship with Glassdoor, the firm advises getting to grips with review sites so that business owners can easily respond to feedback and show users that they are working to make improvements or changes which benefit them.

Create social media profiles for your brand
AJG Direct believe that many businesses ignore social media because they don’t want to read negative comments but they say this is the wrong attitude to have. “If a consumer can’t get in contact with you on social media they will be frustrated as this is many people’s first choice of contact with a firm,” states AJG Direct. Additionally, the firm says that it is better to manage and respond to negative reviews to show consumers the business is handling their issues as opposed to ignoring them completely, which allows them to spread and become increasingly damaging.

Contribute regularly to relevant blogs
AJG Direct believe that businesses are starting to realise the importance of content marketing when it comes to brand reputation management. “These blogs will outrank negative comments towards the business and allows the firm to take control of their search results,” offers AJG Direct.

Make sure your product/service is exceptional
The best way to manage brand reputation is to deliver the best service possible. “Offering a high quality customer experience will give consumers something positive to write and will help shape your brand image,” states AJG Direct.

AJG Direct is an outsourced sales and marketing firm based in London. The firm offers face-to-face marketing campaigns on behalf of their clients’ brands in order to encourage long-lasting and personal business connections between brand and consumer as well as increased customer acquisition, brand loyalty and brand awareness for their clients.

Source: http://tweakyourbiz.com/marketing/2013/09/13/5-tips-for-effective-brand-management/


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